SE Signature Facial – 90

This skin treatment is customized to suit your skins specific needs zone by zone with face mapping analysis.  Making your facial completely different each time. Combat aging and stimulate collagen, say goodbye to stuburn acne, soothe sensetized skin, Hydrate and restore skin to a healthy youthful glow. Your professional skin therapist will choose products best suited to your skins needs.

Dermaplane Facial – 100

Dermaplaning is a skin care treatment that removes dead skin cells and vellus hair, aka peach fuzz. Great for all skin types.

Microneedling Facial Treatment Package of 3 –  450 (introductory price).

Microneedling is a method of triggering the repair response of skin. The needles on a microneedling device puncture the skin to create a controlled skin injury. Each puncture of the needle creates a microscopic channel, or empty space. The skin recognizes this channel as tissue loss and begins to produce collagen and elastin to “fill” the channel. Collagen, is the main structural protein in skin responsible for sustaining skin integrity, firmness, and elasticity. The result is an improvement in skin texture and firmness, as well as a reduction in scars, pore size, stretch marks, fine lines and wrinkles, and more! 

 Radio Frequency Facial Tightening – 240

Package of 6 treatments.

Express Facail – 40

Address your skin’s zone specific concerns, results in just as little as 20 minutes! Choose between Blackhead relief, Flash Exfoliation, or Hydration.

Clear Start Teen Facial – 50

Teen acne has met its match with a medicated formula thats tough on breakouts yet gentle on skin.

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